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Organizations and Leadership Teams are facing a new set of challenges with five generations in the workforce today. Trust, loyalty, turnover, internal silos, and declining employee productivity are major issues facing small businesses as well as large corporations. The hidden costs, that many do not recognize, of disengagement and turnover are dramatic. Where do these problems come from and how can they be fixed?

Changing cultures to increase retention and productivity, even with younger employees, may not be as expensive or as complicated as you think. Mike’s unique passion and humor will offer the tools you need to position your company ahead of the curve in maximizing the potential of your employees, even Millennials and GenZ. 

Leading the next generations requires a flexible and adaptive approach. It is important to understand the unique needs of each generation and the "why " behind the differences.

Leading the Next Generation of leaders

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"This text is one of the most thought- provoking pieces I have ever read, and that covers a lot of reading, ...You have a unique approach (gift) for explaining why Managers need re-think their techniques and strategies..."

James Early, Former CEO Premier Magnetics